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Diamond has always been one of the precious jewels which everyone wants to own. Ask any individual where they want to put their money after the precious metal the answer will be diamond. Well, it can be used for gifting to someone special or can also act as an asset-building instrument. Over the years, people in India have got a special attraction towards diamond which shows that the cost multiples quickly which give stunning returns. Our services cash for diamond offer best prices to customers and payment is made immediately.

We firstly, evaluate the diamond on various factors such as cut, colour, clarity and carat weight which tells us about its condition. This is the primary step of evaluation and holds a lot of weightage in the process of finalizing the price. Being in this trade for over the decade, our team of diamond evaluators use the present time techniques for verifying the diamond quality. This is not a time taking process and in fact, diamond checking gets over in few minutes. Individuals do put their capital in diamonds and for-profit we understand this, therefore, offer them the best price.


Easy Silver Selling Process

Our procedure of purchasing Diamond is uncomplicated and easy. Firstly, a thorough evaluation of the precious stone that customer wants to sell is done, which is done by our proficient team. The best part of the complete process is that we are using the most recent tech-how for precious stone evaluation which is accurate. Further, we check diamond on parameters like Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight.

We are certified and trusted diamond evaluators.

We promise to maintain the privacy of customer data and details.

We provide free consultancy even over phone or one can reach our nearest outlet.

Selling process is very fast.

Very less paperwork.

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